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In this series of articles we touch topics of interest related to the Software Warehouse Management System.

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Topics about some benefits of WMS to the ERP, and how they can work together.

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IT for SCM: visibility with software and hardware

The relevance in having technological tools to give the supply chain visibility does not lie in its cost, but in how they are adopted.

Information in Real Time and According to Customer Needs

With the objective of achieving a comprehensive care service for our customers and an entirely controlled inventory, Frezz & Logistics implemented the andlogistics WMS, which with they accomplished having inventory in real time and according to customer needs.

Evolution Event

andlogistics increases software diversity and forms a new alliance with Honeywell Scanning Mobility, and Zebra Technologies.

Three Technology Companies form an Alliance

Honeywell Scanning and Mobility, Zebra Technologies and andlogistics seek to do an appropriate hardware and software integration to optimize warehouses.

Sys&Web trades its software andlogistics in Central and South America

Their promotion strategy is based on collaborating and distributing with Service Partners, a company with presence in Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

andlogistics, WMS supplier for Frutcom

The company stated their solution competed against software from the US and South America, and that Sys&Web’s solution (andlogistics), from Mexico, was the one that fulfilled the functionality required by Chile’s headquarters.

Cutting edge technology, a highly productive tool

Spaa Logistics decided to implement the andlogistics WMS to control and plan their inventories.

Innovation at logistics chain

Our andlogistics Commercial Director, Edgar Macías, took part in the publication of an article entitled “Innovation in the logistics chain” in the magazine No. 122 of “Énfasis Logística”.

WMS Strengths vs ERP

To understand the differences between the Distribution Centers (WMS) management systems and the Resources Planning of Enterprises (ERP) is very important, since some of the ERP solutions have added warehousing functionality to its offers. It’s very important to take the proper decisions in the area of “picking chain execution”.

Warehouse Management System

Typically the WMS systems refer to warehouse administration or to physical materials handling is the one in charge of administering and regulating each of the operations of physical movement of product.

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