IT for SCM: visibility with software and hardware

Written by Revista Énfasis Logística / Rosa María Salas A.
Year XVI, No. 173, september 2015 Year XVI, No. 173, september 2015 Enfasis Logística Magazine

The relevance in having technological tools to give the supply chain visibility does not lie in its cost, but in how they are adopted.

The main challenge when implementing technology is resistance organizations show towards change. They allocate at least 5% of their budget for technology, but to experts, it is not enough in order to have the best software or hardware, if there is no good collaboration and administration of technology. ❚ Rosa María Salas Ascención

How to achieve visibility in business

In addition to real time information, Hugo Guzmán Duarte, andlogistics Trade and Hardware Manager, pointed out the visibility provided by tools, such as having precise productivity calculations, error reduction, and assistance in decision making, among others.

  • Supplier: andlogistics
  • Customer: Bajo Cero Frigoríficos
  • Sector: Frozen foods Logistics Operator
  • Solution: WMS andlogistics
  • Challenges: Due to low temperatures, the supplier had little time inside freezing chambers to supervise and/or train. Also, storage locations are tunnel or row like, which complicated visualizing pallets a little; and checking inventory was slow and complicated because operations were not stopped, so implementation was done in segments.

Challenges when adopting this technology

As for andlogistics Trade & Hardware Manager, he listed challenges such as the learning curve’s impact on the operation’s performance, and the lack of clarity in the work plan and the project’s reach.

Technological transition in Mexico

Despite technological progress in software and hardware moving fast, companies’ transition does not keep up with this pace. It is great companies who have plunged into this change.

Hugo Guzmán pointed out investment in WMS technology has considerably grown in the last couple of years. Andros Vera indicated the amount of companies who need and want to implement technological solutions in their logistics has increased, and that they understand this is not a trend, but a need.

Suggestions for companies to take the technological leap:

  • Being self-critical and knowing what their areas of opportunity are.
  • Checking that fill rate in their customers’ purchase orders is being met.
  • Tackling problems by allocating human and financial resources.
  • Running tests to choose hardware, software, and provider correctly.
  • Making sure if the change adopting technology will cause matches the business’s strategic goals.
  • Getting everyone who is affected by the use of technology involved through a change administration process that is supported by the general director or the highest ranking officer as possible.


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